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Ancient Mew Tablet

Ancient Mew Tablet

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Large 21" x 21" x 3" Black Frame

Decorate your Home with this hand crafted and painted Ancient Mew Tablet inspired by the Pokemon: the First Movie temple artifact.
Tablet is crafted to look like a life sized item that you would have retrieved from the temples.
Each piece is unique and no two are crafted or painted the same.
Delivered product will vary from images posted.

In Personalization please provide:** (if any)

  • Customization requests (weathering, colours, placement, etc)

Display Frames are NOT perfect and may have small discrepancies.

**Made to Order
Please allow up to two (2) weeks for production and processing before shipping.

Not real stone.
Production materials may include: foams, woods, plastic, card stocks, glass, paints, adhesives, resins & powders.

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